Join us for our january 25, 2023 zoom meeting




Enchanted Letters are rooted in Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, but have a distinct Victorian flair.  These flourished script letters are embellished with florals and foliate accents and can be combined with calligraphic script lettering. The designs are based on my work in offhand flourishing, floral design and Victorian needlework. I hope you become Enchanted with these graceful letters.

Join us for our October 26 Meeting



Our in-person meeting will feature Card-Making. There will be 3 stations set up for members to create 3 exciting types of cards. The cards will be donated to the Queens Park Care Centre. If you have any extra cards in your home stash that you would also like to donate, please bring them along.

Our doors open at 7, with the library available to browse. Meeting starts at 7:30.Masks requires, refreshments will be served. Remember to bring your beverage mug and name tag.

     Sherry will show a selection of decorative elements and interesting background techniques.

    Wendy will help you create the  Floral Tri-Fold Cards she learned from F. Phyllis Macoluso.


   Violet  will teach you how to make woven cards with added text.

Join us for our September 28 Meeting



In February we had an introduction to the folded pen with Kerri Forster. Violet has a large selection of folded pens and she has done much experimenting and playing with them. At the September meeting, come and see them in person and see the many varied markings they can create.  Doors open at 7pm, and the meeting starts at 7:30 pm. Since we are still dealing with Covid, and are approaching the “flu” season, our executive has decided to require masks at our in-person meeting.

Join us for our June 22 Summer Social

Summer Solstice (the day before), June 22nd Birthdays for Pat Chell, Anne Seymour and Rose Wong and Meeting in Person once more, are all reasons to celebrate! We’ll be providing cake and punch to add to the festive mood.

Bring your exhibition piece(s) for all to admire.

Browse our Members’ Marketplace.

Doors open at 7 pm and a brief formal meeting starts at 7:30. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Join us for our May 25 Meeting

Tim McLaughlin will be presenting an In-Person talk:

Artisan Ink and the New Calligraphers: Handmade Ink and the Return to Penwork.

It is a surprising fact that image-based social media has ignited a return to calligraphy and pen work.  A new generation is taking on the hand-made script.  They are also rethinking ink and pigment production as artisans.  Join Tim McLaughlin as he maps the creative landscape and shares some of his approach to ink-making and pen work.  Tim’s journals, writings and photography may be found online at

This will be our first In-person scheduled meeting since Covid,.
• Masks are mandatory
• Please provide your Proof of Vaccination
• We will serve tea and coffee but ask that you
bring your own mug.
• We will have the seating spaced apart
• Food will not be available, but you can bring
your own snacks
• All surfaces will be sanitized to the best of our ability