Sep 25, 2024 Program: Holbein, Legion Paper, and General Pencil Watermedia Workshop

The Holbein, Legion Paper, & General Pencil Brand Ambassador Workshop is a hands-on workshop for artists of all levels and experience from beginner to professional. Along with the instructor, these guided workshops are a learning experience where attendees have the opportunity to experiment with and learn about many different materials. This Watermedia Workshop will focus on Holbein Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylic Gouache, and Watercolor Mediums, as well as Legion’s Stonehenge Aqua and Yupo papers, and an assortment of General Pencil materials.

All Materials are provided!

What will you need to bring?

  • water container, paper towels, small palette for mixing
  • brushes – for watercolour media – 1 round and 1 flat; 1 brush for acrylic gouache – either flat or round, your choice, but note that you should not use your watercolour brushes for acrylics and vise versa
  • your choice of calligraphy pens/dip pens, like pointed pen, broad edge, etc.

Registration will be required.
More details about the event and how to register to follow closer to the date.

April and May 2024 In-Person Meetings – Gothic Textura With Emmanuel Buron

Our April and May meetings are in person!

April 24 – Gothic Textura – Minuscules
May 22 – Gothic Textura – Majuscules

Emmanuel Buron is a freelance calligrapher and graphic designer operating out of Studio Emmanuel Buron in
Delta, B.C. This talented calligrapher will help us to explore the captivating world of Gothic Textura – an elegant
and intricate script.

We will focus on minuscules in April and majuscules in May. These programs promise to be an enriching experience,
allowing us to immerse ourselves in the historical roots and
aesthetic beauty of Gothic Textura. As we delve into this
script, we will uncover its unique characteristics. We will
even have time to practice our minuscules before we tackle
the capitals next month.


Supply List

  • Please ensure that you have a broad-edged pen,
    such as Brause,Speedball, Automatic pens, or
    Pilot Parallel Pen, etc preferably in a larger size of
    ±3 mm.
  • A round pen holder if you have a Brause or Speedball nibs (facilitates smoother and more effortless pen movements).
  • Two pencils or a mechanical pencil will be necessary.
  • A pointed brush is needed for loading the nib with ink.
  • It is recommended to have layout paper preferably 11 by 17.
    ?Hahnemühle Bamboo sketch paper.
  • For the ink, please use a water-based ink that does not bleed. While colors are optional, it is preferable to use black ink, such as Pelikan 4001, as it complements the Blackletter style.
  • Having a ruler or a T-square will be beneficial for drawing quick guidelines.
  • Masking tape.
  • It is advisable to keep an old cloth or tissue papers nearby.
  • Using a guard sheet or cotton glove is entirely optional.

March 27, 2024 Zoom Meeting – Medieval Manuscripts Unchained


The March program is a slide show and to help all members view it, we are using Zoom for this meeting. The program will be recorded and available to you for two months.

Join Merrilee Hughes on a virtual medieval manuscript road trip with stops along the way to exhibitions at the British Library and the Oxford Bodleian Library. Together, we also explore accessing closed stack collections. We will spend time examining a selection of manuscripts that Merrilee in Oxford including: an 11th century liturgical text used (and annotated) by nuns at Barking Abbey, examine the sumptuous details of the Apocalypse miniatures in a mid-12th century manuscript, and flip through a 15th century Book of Hours with pilgrim badges sewn into the pages.

Topic: WCS General Meeting – March 2024
Time: Mar 27, 2024 06:30 PM Vancouver

The meeting will start at 7 pm.

A tech check with Merrilee Hughes will happen prior to the meeting so please be patient. You will be allowed to enter once that has been done.

Join us in our January 24th and March 6th Zoom meetings!

We are delighted to have Joy Vanides Deneen as our presenter in our January and February 2024 meetings!

Joy will be teaching Copperplate from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. PST in the following dates:

  • January 24, 2024 – lowercase letters
  • February 28, 2024 – uppercase letters – moved to March 6, 2024

These programs will be held online via Zoom and we will be starting earlier than usual at 6 p.m.


· Oblique penholder (if right-handed) or straight holder (if left-handed)
· Favourite pointed nib (Joy will use a Nikko G during the class)
· Smooth paper to print worksheets (Joy recommends HP Premium 32 paper)
· Small container or inkwell with walnut ink or sumi ink
· Matches (for prepping brand-new nibs)
· Paper towel and small jar of water

About Joy

Joy Vanides Deneen is a calligrapher and writer. She specializes in custom calligraphy and hand engraving for PR events, brand activations, weddings and special occasions and has worked with companies like Google, Louis Vuitton, The Ritz Carlton, Lululemon, Royal Bank of Canada and the Canadian Bar Association. Calligraphy is the synthesis of what she loves: art, language, and human connection.

Joy is a past president of La Société des calligraphes de Montréal and served on the committee for Rendez-vous, the 2019 international calligraphy conference. She is also a core contributor to UPPERCASE magazine, where she writes about art, design and community.

You can find her on Instagram as @imaginejoy and you can view website here:

Join us for our November 22 Zoom Meeting

November 22 is our AGM at 6:30 pm, followed by a Zoom presentation by Lily Yee-Sloan at 7:30 pm:

AN ARTIST’S JOURNEY: The First 40 Years.

Join us for Lily’s slide presentation featuring personal stories about the people and vents that have shaped her as an artist.  She’ll talk about her growth as a calligrapher, share lessons from the stumbling blocks she’s tripped over and discuss tips for staying motivated.  Whether you’re starting out as a calligrapher….or you’ve been lettering for years….or you’re stalled, we hope you’ll find something in Lily’s story that speaks to you and sheds light for the journey ahead.