Join us in our January 24 and February 28 Zoom meetings!


We are delighted to have Joy Vanides Deneen as our presenter in our January and February 2024 meetings!

Joy will be teaching Copperplate from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. PST in the following dates:

  • January 24, 2024 – lowercase letters
  • February 28, 2024 – uppercase letters

These programs will be held online via Zoom and we will be starting earlier than usual at 6 p.m.


· Oblique penholder (if right-handed) or straight holder (if left-handed)

· Favourite pointed nib (Joy will use a Nikko G during the class)

· Smooth paper to print worksheets (Joy recommends HP Premium 32 paper)

· Small container or inkwell with walnut ink or sumi ink

· Matches (for prepping brand-new nibs)

· Paper towel and small jar of water

About Joy

Joy Vanides Deneen is a calligrapher and writer. She specializes in custom calligraphy and hand engraving for PR events, brand activations, weddings and special occasions and has worked with companies like Google, Louis Vuitton, The Ritz Carlton, Lululemon, Royal Bank of Canada and the Canadian Bar Association. Calligraphy is the synthesis of what she loves: art, language, and human connection.

Joy is a past president of La Société des calligraphes de Montréal and served on the committee for Rendez-vous, the 2019 international calligraphy conference. She is also a core contributor to UPPERCASE magazine, where she writes about art, design and community.

You can find her on Instagram as @imaginejoy and you can view website here:

Join us for our November 22 Zoom Meeting

November 22 is our AGM at 6:30 pm, followed by a Zoom presentation by Lily Yee-Sloan at 7:30 pm:

AN ARTIST’S JOURNEY: The First 40 Years.

Join us for Lily’s slide presentation featuring personal stories about the people and vents that have shaped her as an artist.  She’ll talk about her growth as a calligrapher, share lessons from the stumbling blocks she’s tripped over and discuss tips for staying motivated.  Whether you’re starting out as a calligrapher….or you’ve been lettering for years….or you’re stalled, we hope you’ll find something in Lily’s story that speaks to you and sheds light for the journey ahead.


Join us for our October 25 In-Person Meeting


Engrosser’s Script is a pointed pen style of calligraphy that emerged from English Roundhand and flourished in the United States during the late 1800s and early 1900s. It is commonly executed using a pointed metal nib inside an oblique pen holder. Engrosser’s Script can be aptly described as drawing rather than writing due to the slower pace and the broken-down nature of the letter forms. Frequent pen lifts between strokes mimic precision techniques used by metal engravers, making this script akin to engraving on paper.

In this program, we will go through exercises to grasp the fundamental shapes essential for Engrosser’s Script, and then proceed with a systematic approach to learn how to construct the lowercase alphabet.

Click here for the supply list: Current Meetings

Maxie Peña is a Filipina calligrapher based in Vancouver, Canada. She fell in love with the pointed pen in 2016 and has taught both online and in-person workshops since 2019. She received her Certificate of Proficiency in Engrosser’s Script from IAMPETH in June 2023 and is currently working on her Certificate of Excellence for 2024. Connect with her on Instagram @maxiecalligraphy or check out her website

Join us for our September 27 In-Person Meeting



(You don’t have to be a math scholar to do this!)

“Geometry will draw the soul toward truth and create the spirit of philosophy.”—Plato

From the time of Plato through the Middle Ages, geometry was taught as an essential component of the quadrivium. Explore ways that modern calligraphers can tap into this ancient practice to produce inspired contemporary works.

Join us for our in-person June 28 Social

Our In-person social.

Let’s Socialize!  We will have non-alcoholic beverages and sweets from the Bear Country Bakery. Feel free to bring a small plate of savory finger food to share.

Our DECORATED LETTERS will be on display and  photographed for our website gallery.

STUDY GROUPS      Violet and Wendy will share their experiences in participating in a small  zoom study group that has met for the past two years. They will share lots of examples of their calligraphic works.