Exhibition Guidelines

Exhibition Piece Display Guidelines WCS
*** For conformity we display the exhibition pieces in two sizes of silver frames and provide white mats. If you wish to use a coloured mat, your cut mat must accompany your submission.
Frame sizes are 12” x 16” or 16” x 20” ***
When working on your piece you need to remember that a 2” mat is placed over the work on the 12 x 16 frame
size and a 3” mat is placed over your work with the 16 x 20 frame size.
*** Please do your piece on a paper that is a larger than the regular opening of the mat.
Thus a 12 x 16 minus the 2 inch mat on each side leaves an opening of 8 x 12 working area and a
16 x 20 minus the 3 inch mat leaves an opening of 10 x 14 working area.
The pieces are taped behind the mats and room is needed for taping so there are no gaps showing,
therefore your working paper should be larger than the opening areas. Minimum size paper to use with a
12 x 16 frame is 10 x 14.” Minimum size paper to use with a 16 x 20 frame is 12 x 16.”

Full Colour Instructions including diagrams: display guidlines exhibition