Executive & Committees

The executive consists of the 6 elected Director positions and the chairs of the Standing Committees.


President:  Brigitte Stermann
Vice President/Secretary: Jennifer Isobe
Treasurer: Sherry Springall

With the change in our bylaws, which was approved at the AGM in November 2009, the Directors all assume the position for a two-year term.  If anyone is unable to fulfill the entire term, the executive can replace that person by appointment or call a special election.

Standing Committees

Membership : Shirley Wong, Susan Lee-Gregson

Correspondence – Wendy Cowley
Sunshine Cards – Adonna Rudolph
Website – Val McKenzie

Classes and Seminars -Anne Seymour

Bulletin  –  Wendy Cowley, Margaret Chan and Alyson Thorpe

Exhibition – Lindsay McArthur, Chris Hodge, Margaret Cottle, Jan Janovick
      Storage: Sherry Springall

Library – Laura Eriksson, Pat Vickers

Programs  – Wendy Cowley, Violet Smythe

Journal – Brigitte Stermann, Rose Wong, Anne Seymour

Social –   Anne Seymour

WOOL 2020/2022 Committee – Brigitte Stermann, Pat Vickers, Rose Wong,  Jennifer Isobe

WOOL 2024 – Jennifer Isobe, Lindsay McArthur

Christmas Tea Committee – Val McKenzie, Jan Janovick, Shirley Wong

Promotions  (including Instagram) –  as needed, plus Brigitte Stermann and Rose Wong

Fundraising – As needed