Members: Our theme for our 2021 Exhibition is:

Silver Linings and Gilded Words

These uneasy and uncertain times give us the opportunity to look at the good things we have (or that may come from the darkness) instead of focusing on the negative. So, this year we’ll write words of hope to create art pieces of beauty. Each submission must include a metallic (could be ink or gouache, but why not challenge yourself with some gilding?).

Our 2020 Exhibition All the World’s a Stage s so far only virtual this year as gatherings are not encouraged. It is currently quite small, but still delightful. It can be viewed on this website along with many previous ones. Open the drop down menu and enjoy the art.

Exhibition Guidelines

Exhibition Piece Display Guidelines WCS
*** For conformity, we will require silver or black frames and white matting. Maintaining
these similarities really helps with a visually consistent and professional exhibition

Each piece will need to be submitted in a correctly sized cardboard sleeve. Other forms of
wrapping or lack thereof make it cumbersome to transport and could result in the piece being damaged.