Our theme for our 2022 – 2023 Exhibition is:


After more than a year of not being able to travel, and having such plans thwarted along the way, many of us are ready to get out into the wide world again. Leaving home sounds pretty good about now, doesn’t it? Going to another city, another province, even another country to explore the sights, sounds, and cultures of another place… that might even make you miss home – the place where we’ve been stuck for months and months. These thoughts are the inspiration for the theme of the 2022/2023 exhibition: “Writing Home”.
Take this opportunity to explore quotes around the themes of home, letters, and travel. It should be fun to include some shade of the colour blue in your exhibition piece as a nod to the ocean… or lake… or river… or stream that you encounter when traveling away or coming home. You have to leave home to miss it!

Exhibition Guidelines

Exhibition Piece Display Guidelines WCS
*** For conformity, we will require silver or black frames and white matting. Maintaining
these similarities really helps with a visually consistent and professional exhibition

Each piece will need to be submitted in a correctly sized cardboard sleeve. Other forms of
wrapping or lack thereof make it cumbersome to transport and could result in the piece being damaged.