2018 Black and White

Black and White is on display until January 31 at t Thompson Community Center 5151 Granville Ave, Richmond, BC V7C 1E6l.

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Woven Black and White. Rose Wong created these pieces from strips that were lettered by all members in attendance at one of our meetings. We were given black, white and grey strips and used black and white inks to letter on them. Rose took the strips and  wove them into these pieces.

Rose Wong and Society Members “Ligature

Rose Wong and Society Members “Baseline”

Rose Wong ” Art amongst friends”

Pat Williams “Imagine, Dream, Believe”

Edit Benecs “The Sound of Music”

Pat Vickers “Zebra”

Susan Lee “Sisters” (I Have a Dream)

Susan Lee “Grayscale”

Barb Cowan “Piano Keys”

Lindsay McArthur “Darkening of the Light”

Lily Spaeth “Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow”

Wendy Cowley “Black and White”

Wendy Cowley “Nostalgia”

Sherry Springall “Big Band Sound”

Brigitte Stermann “Broken Beauty”

Brigitte Stermann “A Different View”

Anne Seymour “Passengers”

Margaret Cottle “No Doves: A Laament for Medicine”

Cheryl Tasaka “Cascading Letters”

Helen Martin “Truth”

Cheryl Tasaka “ABC XYZ”

Pat Williams “The Voice of the Sea”

Violet Smythe “Lyrics”

Wendy Cowley “White Bright”

Violet Smythe “The Day is Cold”

Violet Smythe “Rhythms”

Margaret Cottle “Tiny White Mittens”

Sherry Springall “Truth”

Cheryl Tasaka “Alphabet”