2022 Writing Home

Please enjoy our 2022 virtual exhibit below.  Clicking on each image will enlarge it for better viewing; click the back button to return to the full exhibit.  We currently have no in-person locations scheduled.

Untitled – Edit Benecs

I Have Come Home at Last – Margaret Cottle

County Armagh Northern Ireland – Barb Cowan

Sharing Travels – Wendy Cowley

To Write is Human – Wendy Cowley

The Pale Blue Dot; A Mote of Dust – Susan Lee-Gregory

Home – Lindsay McArthur

My Blue Rose Garden Quilt –
Helen Martin

Writing Home – Anne Seymour

Coming Home – Violet Smythe

Family Together Forever –
Sherry Springall

Sibling Connections –
Sherry Springall

Untitled – Brigitte Stermann

Untitled – Brigitte Stermann

Ecrit en Bleu – Penni Stock

Drop of Ink – Cheryl Tasaka

Travel – Cheryl Tasaka

Writing – Cheryl Tasaka

Letters from Away – Shirley Wong

Travelling – Shirley Wong