Round the Table Calligraphy at the February Meeting

Round the Table Calligraphy is a FREE calligraphy class that is offered occasionally prior to our monthly meeting. Please e-mail us if you plan to attend so we have supplies. The class is open to those who can fit around our table.

Time: 6:30 to 7:15 at the February meeting,
Topic: Pointed Pen Basics.

Always wondering which pointed nib you should try? Wendy will have a large selection of pointed nibs for you to try. What people like varies widely and one person’s favourite is another’s nightmare. We’ll also go over some of the basic strokes which apply to many pointed pen scripts. Limited to those who can fit around a table or two! This session is
suitable for novice as well as experienced calligraphers

One thought on “Round the Table Calligraphy at the February Meeting

  1. Non-members may attend. Your first meeting as a guest is always free. We would prefer that if you come for the Round Robin you stay for the guest lecture. Let me know if you will be coming so I know the numbers.

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