June meeting at home with Zoom

Our annual Bubbly and Brie meeting will take place this year via the social platform Zoom. Please contact Wendy if you want to be added to the invitation list. Grab a glass of bubbly, a few snacks and your exhibition piece and join us in front of your computer, tablet or phone for a virtual meeting. Haven’t done an exhibition piece (All the World’s a Stage with red somewhere in it)? Don’t worry, we’ll still be glad to have you. However, you still have time to do a piece before June 24!

WOOL has been postponed!

We hope you’re all doing as well as can be expected during these isolating days.
We’re sure you’ve been wondering if WOOL 2020 would still be going ahead as planned.
It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to postpone (not cancel) the conference.
Given the current government guidelines regarding physical distancing, avoiding large gatherings and quarantine rules if you’re from outside of Canada (Suzie), it seemed prudent to move WOOL to next year. We have no way of knowing what the next few months will bring, but it was time to make a decision. There is talk of another Covid surge to come in the fall/winter. Sadly, this pandemic is far from over.
Our new date is Saturday, June 5, 2021.

April program will be delivered to your mailbox

Stay home – Stay safe. We will not be holding a physical meeting, but Sherry has once again put together a wonderful program on Pointed Pen that will be delivered to your mail box on Wednesday, April 22. As we’ve all set aside that evening for a meeting, Anne Seymour suggested that it would be great if we could all work n the program from 7:30 to 9:30. We won’t improve if we don’t do any calligraphy!!

March meeting is CANCELLED!

Due to the requirements for us to use social distancing to slow down COVID 19, we have cancelled our March meeting. Sherry has developed her program so that she will be able to deliver it to your e-mail! Thank you , Sherry, for going above and beyond. Watch your mail box near the meeting date.

Join us as Sherry Springall gives us an introduction to the Uncial Script.